Notes from Industry

There’s a very oddly cut stump along the Hudson River in Manhattan (as of 2018 anyways), almost like a chair. But if you look closer the tree had grown around some old iron fencing, leaving a stump invincible to unmotivated chainsaw operators (Photo: Randy Au)

If you’re bad at Viz, like me, there’s hope for us

Chart of Charts (By: Randy Au)

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

(Photo: Randy Au)

What you can do when you actually collect email data

Smallest piledriver I’ve ever seen in person, Seattle (Photo: Randy Au)

Black boxes are hot again

Mailboxes in Greece (Photo: Randy Au)

Work has conditioned us to

(Photo: Randy Au)

Some people are learning data science quickly without realizing it

Photo: Randy Au

Don’t expect to land the title easily, heck, don’t even go for the title

Weird object in the middle of a garden. Just like qUXR. (Photo: Randy Au)

We seriously don’t need that sort of nonsense

QUACK (Photo: Randy Au)

It’s not every day we can watch an expert explaining how hard counting is

Randy Au

I stress about data quality a lot. Data nerd/scientist, camera junkie. Quant UXR @Google Cloud. Formerly @bitly, @Meetup, @primarydotcom. Opinions are my own.

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